Pill Bottle Coffee Mug

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Do you - or someone else in your life - work in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, and love hot drinks? If so, then our Pill Bottle Coffee Mug is the perfect gift for them (or for you!).

 - Cleverly designed to look just like a pill bottle, this novelty mug even has a prescription type label! You, or your friends can have a fun mug at home or in the office to make your colleagues jealous!

- Incredibly Realistic: The reactions you'll get whilst drinking out of this coffee mug are priceless. It really does look like a giant pill bottle!

- Piping hot, delicious coffee (or any other hot beverage); no one wants a lukewarm drink, this mug is thick enough to keep you beverage warm whilst you drink it. We've ensured that this novelty mug holds plenty of liquid: 12oz (360ml)

- Well-built from high quality ceramics, this will last a long time!

- Safe and sturdy, with its solid ceramic design it won't be easily knocked over and is free from any contaminants you may find in plastic cups.

Outside Dimensions

- Height: 10.8cm

- Diameter: 8.3cm

The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lover!

Looking for a fun gift to give a Coffee lover or someone in the medical or pharmaceutical fields (whether that's a loved one, or yourself)? Then our Pill Bottle Coffee Mug is the perfect present, We've had lots of customers write in to let us know that this has been a huge hit with everyone amazed at how fun it looks and how made it is. Plus it comes boxed, making it easy to gift wrap. This is a unique present that any Coffee fan will be sure to love.

Fun And Safe To Use And Looks Great In Any Office

Yes, it looks funny- but that's not all it's good for. This Pill Bottle Coffee Mug has been designed to be a really good, well made mug for the office. With a thick ceramic design, it keeps your coffee warm while you drink, free from any plastic contaminants. Its solid construction makes it very sturdy and enjoyable to use and will be safe sitting on your kitchen countertop. And the hilarious design will have you giggling every time you look at it!

"Causes people to stop in their tracks to admire. They all want to read everything on the cup. (Warning: May delay caffeine consumption!). Add a pour through filter and it’s the hip coffee cup for those in the medical field" 5 Stars 

This is the PERFECT gift for a anyone you know in the medical field!

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