Vinyl Record Drink Coasters

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Do you - or someone else in your life - love music, and hot drinks? If so, then our Vinyl Record Drink Coasters are the perfect gift set for them (or for you!). Looking just like a vinyl LP, your friends will love them!

  • Realistic looking: it looks just like a Vinyl Record, only much smaller. Your co-workers, friends and family will be jealous of these when you make them a delicious coffee, tea or hot chocolate, or even a cheeky cocktail!
  • Flexible; you don't have to be careful using these as they are made of flexible rubber, meaning you can just toss it down before serving a drink.
  • Protect your table; These soft rubber placemats will protect any table from damage, but everyone will be happy to use them, as they are such fun!
  • Anti-slip; these aren't going anywhere on your table and neither is your drink!
  • Durable and long-lasting: Built to last, you can just toss these around and they are super easy to clean; just a quick wipe with a damp cloth and they're ready to use again. They're also neat and easy to store away.


- Diameter: 4.21 inches (10.7cm) 

- Thickness: .3mm

The Perfect Gift for a Music Lover! 

Looking for a fun gift to give a Music lover (whether that's a loved one, or yourself)? Then our Vinyl Record Drink Coasters are the perfect present. We've had lots of customers write in to let us know that this has been a huge hit with everyone pleased at how fun they are. Plus it comes boxed, making it easy to gift wrap. This is a unique present that any Music lover will be sure to love. 

Easy & Safe To Use & Easy To Clean 

Yes, they looks fun- but that's not all they're good for. These Vinyl Record Drink Coasters have been designed to stop your hot or cold drinks from slipping around and also to protect your table. Made from anti-slip rubber these won't go anywhere on your table and they are easy to clean; just give them a quick wipe and they're ready to use again. They also store away easily.

"I bought these for a music-themed party, and they were a hit with my guests! I was even asked by a couple of people if they could keep them! But, NO! They’re mine, and I love them!" 5 Stars 

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This is the PERFECT gift for a music lover!

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