Pour Over Coffee Makers

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These Pour Over Coffee Makers are the PERFECT gifts for coffee lovers or anyone who wants a fresh, pure coffee to get the day going! These are incredible for expressing the subtle characteristics of a single origin, medium roast coffee.

"It's beautiful, just as it looks in the picture. A super gift and a fantastic price" 5 Stars

  • Beautifully designed, its elegant curves and aesthetic appeal will look great in any kitchen! You, or your friends can enjoy perfectly made, refreshing filter coffee after enjoying the process of using this lovely piece of coffee brewing equipment.
  • Easy to Use; The process of making coffee in our Pour Over Coffee Makers is very easy and quite intuitive, whilst at the same time relaxing. There are options with a metal reusable filter or you can purchase your own paper filters, if you prefer.
  • Gorgeous, refreshing coffee; When you want a cup of delicious coffee, there is a reason why more people are turning to this brewing method. You get a balanced coffee without losing any of the nuances that a premium coffee bean has to offer. Great for high altitude coffees such as Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or many Colombians!
  • Well-built from tough, tempered borosilicate glass and featuring a lovely wooden handle that is both beautiful and practical, and the option of a reusable, metal filter. These are built to last!

A Size To Suit You

  • 400ml Wide Style (with or without filter)
  • 600ml Tall Style (with or without filter)
  • 600ml Wide Style (with or without filter)
  • 800ml Wide Style (with or without filter)
The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lover!

Looking for a fun gift to give a Coffee lover (whether that's a loved one, or yourself)? Then our Pour Over Coffee Makers are the perfect presents. We've had many people write leave great reviews that these have been a huge hit with everyone amazed at how lovely they look and how well they work. Plus they comes boxed, making them easy to gift wrap. This is a unique present that any Coffee fan will be sure to love.

Easy And Safe To Use And Looks Great In Any Kitchen

Yes, they look elegant - but that's not all they're good for. These Pour Over Coffee Makers have been designed to make stunningly refreshing and tasty coffee. With a tempered glass construction, they make clean, safe drinks free from dangerous plastic contaminants. The wooden handle will protect you from burns, whilst also looking great and the solid construction makes it very sturdy and enjoyable to use and will be safe sitting on your kitchen countertop.

This is the PERFECT gift for coffee lovers!

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